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Marfa, TX

sunset over marfa texas

After departing Los Angeles late, our AC blew out in the middle of nowhere, CA. We spent the next two hours feeding the dog ice chips, letting her sleep on a cool pillow of ice, and sweating. Find her on Instagram @julestravels if you think she’s adorable.

jules sleeping on ice pillow

So, our road trip didn’t go quite as planned. However, thanks to the wonderful service at Tempe Honda, we were able to hit the road and get to Marfa, TX- just not in time for dinner.

the thunderbird hotel marfa texas

Upon our arrival at dog-friendly Thunderbird Hotel, there was a kind note waiting for us and keys ready for our use.

thunderbird hotel in marfa texas

Our hotel room was clean, spacious, and nice and cool for our arrival!

thunderbird hotel room


Jules approved of the hotel too.

dog friendly thunderbird hotel marfa

The rooms are slightly Western and open. I wanted to jump into the inviting pool, but I resisted at the promise of a local beer at Padre’s.

pool in marfa texas

Padre’s, a local bar, features Big Bend Brewing on tap.

padres bar

The bar frequently hosts live music, has big open tables under the night sky, TVs to catch any sports games, and games like shuffleboard, air hockey, and more.

padres marfa

In the morning, it’s best to pay a visit to Marfa Burrito. Essentially, you are dining in someone’s former house.

marfa burrito sign

The breakfast burritos are phenomenal and CHEAP. Make sure you get the salsa, as it makes the burrito pretty incredible.

marfa burrito vegetarian burrito

These were my favorite breakfast burritos along our journey because of the perfect tortillas, spicy and tasty hot sauce, crispy potatoes, and well-cooked eggs.

marfa burrito restaurant

If you want even more Mexican food, dine at Mando’s. For coffee, visit Frama, which is roasting up local Big Bend Coffee.

frama coffee

We liked it so much we brought some beans home!

marfa texas main part of town

It is worth noting that several to-do items were closed during the week, so try to plan your trip for a weekend getaway!

palace theatre marfa texas


dessert qui austin

Qui Austin

One of the highlights of our trip to Austin was visiting Qui Austin for our first wedding anniversary. I made the reservation in advance, and the staff was kind enough to reach out and ask if we had any allergies, eating preferences, or special occasion. As you can assume, the service at Qui was impeccable. Even though I’m a foodie, I had many questions about the menu, and our server was more than happy to help. What we ended up with was some really incredible food- seasonal, summer fare, with Filipino and Texan influence.

zucchini at qui

My zucchini appetizer was a tad hard to eat politely, but isn’t lots of the best food the messiest? I am a zucchini superfan, so it’s hard to go wrong there, but the flavorful bite was even more incredible than anticipated with sweet corn, uni bottarga, corn miso butter, and a nice sear on the grill.

salad in a box at qui My next course was the Green Box. It was, quite literally, a box of greens with a ramp buttermilk dressing. They are growing greens right in the restaurant, so I saw them cut and plate my dish right before my eyes. It was salty, smoky, and much more than a salad.

pork at qui

Beautifully plated pork (not mine). The whole place smelled of delicious barbecue, and if you’re a meat eater, I definitely recommend trying some.

mushroom dish qui

My mushroom dish was almost like digging into a steak. The mushroom steak was fantastic- and I wish there had been more on my plate to share!

dessert qui austin

If you end up there, make sure to save room for dessert. My halo halo was incredible and full of unexpected seasonal items, like Texas peaches & sweet corn. I wish I could eat this more often! The icing on the cake (or halo halo) was when our server brought us some rose champs. I really appreciated the thought and care they put into each dish and aspect of dining. Thank you, Qui!

Quick Hatch Chile Salsa

Homemade salsa is not a chore. Once my tomato plant (finally) gives fruit, I can’t wait to make some more! I definitely recommend using a food processor to make it, if you have one.
salsa ingredients

Salsa Recipe:

  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 lime
  • 1 serrano pepper
  • 1 can hatch chiles, diced
  • 1 can fire roasted tomatoes w green chiles

salsa in food processor

In a food processor, combine ingredients. Place salsa in a can.

homemade salsa

roasted squash kale pesto bowls

Purple Kale Pesto Pasta with Summer Squash & Brown Rice Pasta

I received some gorgeous purple kale and summer squash this week from my Farmbox and knew I had to do something super special (but healthy) with it. I was seriously craving pasta, which I have missed greatly while doing the Whole Life Challenge. I found some compliant, non-GMO, gluten free brown rice pasta that hit it out of the park to go with the concept in my mind for this meal. This purple kale pesto bowl was so delightful that there were no leftovers! I froze some of the purple kale pesto and can’t wait to make this meal again.

purple kale

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