vegan bean and groat burger with smoking wood the bruery craft beer

Veggie Burgers: Vegan Groat & Bean Edition

What the heck is a groat, right? Groats are a nutty fruit seed full of all kinds of detoxing health benefits: protein, manganese, magnesium, copper, fiber, and is a glucose stabilizer too. This combo makes groats  an avid heart helper you can eat anytime.  Ground up groats become buckwheat flour, which has no wheat in it at all. You cook plain groats much like you would rice or quinoa, and then it turns into a rice substitute that you can put in food, eat alone,  or dress up like oatmeal. Groats and buckwheat are entirely gluten free, and this vegan veggie burger is a great gluten-free way to utilize them!

vegan bean and groat burgers

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vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookies with buckwheat

Vegan Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m trying to experiment with gluten free and vegan baking, but it is really proving to be quite a challenge! My first attempt at making cookies was a giant crumbly mess, but this recipe fit all my requirements- the cookies stuck together, held moisture, and tasted quite well. Let me know if you enjoy them too!

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