Christmas Miracles Do Exist

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while! Things have been hectic with the holidays and end of the year stuff, but Christmas miracles do exist. I have lots of proof.

  1. Our dog Jules sat still when we took her to see Santa. We originally intended for her to run at the dog park first to run off her energy, but due to the pouring rain this was impossible. See the photo for our Christmas card. Additionally, I got to donate some money to dogs in need and get something cute in return. YAY Christmas spirit and miracle.
  2. My parents got a puppy in time for me to play with it when I go home for Christmas. My parents’ ability to make a decision, pick out a dog, and have it named in this short time is a serious Christmas miracle. Or maybe the miracle is that I picked out the name before they got the dog, and they liked it. Ruby is adorable and healthy. My brother is also getting a puppy, and it is going to be a huge Christmas puppy party… I think that’s my version of heaven.
  3. I got a new job at Blackdog Advertising, and I like it.
  4. Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds are single and able to date my friends. For the boys, there’s Scarlett and Eva. Christmas miracle!
  5. My friend made me homemade hot chocolate, which I had never drank before. In case you haven’t, just make it. It tastes far better than Swiss Miss powder. I never would’ve known.
  6. My ring that disappeared months ago fell out of my bed. Considering I tore the house apart and have washed my sheets, there is literally no proper explanation for this occurrence. CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!
  7. Everyone else likes the Martina McBride Christmas album from 1999 too, or else it wouldn’t be all over the radio and Pandora Christmas stations. I am not a weirdo. Christmas Miracle.

I made you a playlist. Enjoy.

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