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Best Brunches in Los Angeles

My friends and I love a good weekend¬†brunch in Los Angeles. We’ve been all over town, and here are some of our favorite hot spots:

  1. Sqirl: The line is out the door every time I go here, and with good reason. My personal favorite dish, of course, is the rice bowl with sorrel pesto. sqirl bowl

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Vegan Gumbo

Inspired in part by True Detective’s scenery and the idea of Mardi Gras, I decided to throw together a zesty Cajun inspired gumbo dish. I am not from there, nor do I know much about Cajun cuisine, but this stew turned out absolutely perfect for what I wanted. My vegan gumbo was spicy, filling, and even better (albeit just vegetarian then) if you top it with a fried egg.

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Whit’s Coffee Tour 2014: Go Get Em Tiger

I made it to Go Get Em Tiger on Larchmont this week as part of Whit’s Coffee Tour 2014 inspired by EaterLA’s list of “best” coffeeshops in LA.

go get em tiger coffee

Go Get Em Tiger is a celebrity hotspot (allegedly) and full of hipsters (obviously). The store is white, open, and features a different setup than most coffee shops. Instead of lining up behind a cash register, you place your order with a barista instead and can pay via Square. The whole setup feels a little more like a coffee bar than a coffee shop. Continue reading Whit’s Coffee Tour 2014: Go Get Em Tiger

Frozen Treats in West Los Angeles


We have another heat wave in Los Angeles, and all I can think of is how much I’d love another scoop of frozen deliciousness. I love ice cream, and I’m sorry, there’s really no substitute for the good stuff. I like organic cream, milk, eggs, and ingredients frozen in a cup- never a cone- and in my hand.¬†Sweet Rose Creamery is all the rage, but a bit of a stretch for a late night errand if you reside in West LA. Instead, try these 3 great options. Luckily, they’re going to be opening more locations soon! In the meantime, test out these West LA ice cream staples:

Carmela Ice Cream, West 3rd and Fairfax (across from Trader Joe’s):


  • Carmela Ice Cream is my #1. The ingredients are organic and from local farms, they use actual Intelligentsia espresso beans in their espresso flavor, and real vanilla beans are used for vanilla and also available for purchase. Their flavors rotate seasonally, and if you don’t like the strawberry buttermilk flavor, don’t bother reading my blog post any further. It is divine.



Top Round Roast Beef: La Brea & Olympic

  • So, you’re probably wondering why I’d recommend Top Round Roast Beef in an ice cream post, especially since you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that I don’t even eat roast beef. Well surprise! They have custards. I used to adore a custard spot conveniently (inconveniently?) outside my summer job in suburbia. The classic, plain vanilla mixed with anything of your dreams is hard to pass up. The custard at Top Round Roast Beef is no exception. It provided me with summertime nostalgia and a tasty, frozen treat with ribbons and large bits of Oreos laced throughout.

ttop round roast beef custard


Whipp’d LA: West Hollywood (Fairfax & Santa Monica Blvd.)

  • If you want to harken back to even more longstanding nostalgia, this is the spot. As any Texan will tell you, there’s just no substitute for ice cream in your freezer when it comes to Bluebell Ice Cream. The stuff is what dreams are made of in LARGE half gallon containers full of real ingredients like whole Oreos, Nilla wafers in the banana pudding flavor (weird sounding but awesome, I promise), and more. That said, of course you can’t find it in any grocery store in Los Angeles or New York. Thanks to Whipp’d LA, which features both Bluebell Ice Cream and Dole Whips, you can stop feeling depressed and feed your inner child. Oh, and they deliver. Terrifying, right?

whippd la

Going to go for a jog now that I wrote this…